Endorsements for Washington State House of Representatives, Legislative District 2

2010 Supporters and Endorsements

"Tom Campbell cares! When I call, he calls back. When I talk, he listens. When we need leadership, he leads. No one works harder or cares more." - Bobbi Allison, Eatonville

"I am writing today to personally thank you for everything that you have done to support the 2nd district. I am a local Real Estate Broker and a small business owner for the last 10 years. I have always appreciate how you have every time put your peoples best interest first. Their have been times that I know you upset people within the party in Olympia and I respect a Representative that will work on his publics behalf. I truly appreciate all the work that has been done on the cross base highway and how much it has and it will make it easier to get in and out of the Spanaway region. All the work that you have done with the Meth Labs and the aggressive legislator that you have done to help drive this problem out of our state. I appreciate as a small business owner that you see our side being a small business owner yourself and the stress of keeping our doors open in today's current economic times. I see you as a true conservative that listene to what your district wants and needs and goes to battle for us. As a fellow vet myself the work that you have done for our active duty, retired military, and vets means a lot to me. To have a representative that shares the same background that so many of our people in the 2nd district means a lot to me. I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming elections. I know that your opponent has resorted to misleading statements about you and your record. This saddens me that someone would resort to such nasty tactics. I know that I will be supporting you, campaigning for you, and casting my vote for you! Once again thank you for all your hard work - and I am looking forward to seeing you representing us in the next session." - Greg Towne, Real Estate Broker, Tacoma

"My name is Ted Wicorek and I support Tom Campbell because he works hard for the state of Washington. Not being a Democrat or Republican I never ask his or her party however I do ask if they are patriots do they stand when the flight goes by, do they get a warm feeling in her heart when they hear the national anthem, do they support the Constitution and Bill of Rights do they support the traditions on offices of this great nation of ours. With Tom I don't need to ask. He served in the Army as a Green Beret just like I did. I've never known a man in Special Forces that was not a patriot. To put yourself through that intensive training takes a deep love of country. Today our country and state are in the grip is a deep financial recession. Tom understands this and is working hard to get us back on solid financial footing, this means not just jobs but good paying jobs. The infrastructure of the state is also in need of some serious work roads, bridges, schools to mention just a few. We have about 700,000 veterans in the state and with the wars in the Middle East more coming, they will need services. We need people in Olympia like Tom that understand this and are working hard to get this done." - Ted Wicorek, Vietnam Veteran, Special Forces MACV SOG

"Tom Campbell is a strong, independent leader. He puts the people of the 2nd District first and petty partisanship last." - Brian Sonntag-D, State Auditor

"Tom Campbell has a unique ability to concern himself with long range matters as well as current headline situations like the meth epidemic that he helped confront in our recent past.
While many chose to look the other way, he has openly discussed his concern that planning for a mudflow event from Mt Rainier should not be ignored. On that subject he has supported Bridge for Kids in our efforts to advance the discussion and perhaps provide better solutions for lahar evacuation in this region that are currently in place. He believes that waiting for more time to pass could prove regrettable.
None of know when a lahar may happen, but we're sure glad Tom is on our side to help assist in creating a response." - Chuck Morrison, Orting

"Tom Campbell has been a consistent and strong voice for the 2nd LD. He recognizes the immense diversity within the communities and continues to keep open minded in his work in Olympia. Tom Campbell is a friend to public education, which I especially appreciate. Send Tom back to Olympia because he truly represents the values of the 2nd LD. Cindy Poysnick School Director Puyallup SD #3" - Cindy Poysnick, Puyallup

"We can all thank Representative Campbell for the passage of the Meth Bill that eliminated 80% of the Meth lab incidents in Washington State. Governors and Attorneys General from other states called saying if this law could just pass in Washington State, it would be the catalyst needed for it to extend throughout the nation. We knew it would save thousands of families and billions of taxpayer dollars. Because of Tom's experience and determination, and in spite of angering powerful lobbyists, the bill passed. Tom Campbell does what is right for his district, regardless of party and special interest lobbyists." - Barbara Dolan, Co-founder, Community Action Team, Republican, Roy

I’m Chuck Craig and I have resided in Tom Campbell’s district for 12 plus years. I am now retired from a 35 year Coast Guard career. I hold no party affiliation but I am conservative. Tom has represented me and his constituents well these past years in Olympia and he gets better each and every year. He looks out for people, supports and fights for good legislation and what is right to better the people of Washington and his district. He supports good education for our children and is sensitive to their welfare.
Tom is a stout Constitutionalist and a true patriot. He has proudly served in the Armed Forces He understands and is sensitive of the forces that are working against good government and the people of the state. He knows what”We, the People” truly means. I have volunteered to campaign for Tom this year as I feel it is vital that he be returned to Olympia and represent us for another term. This state is in one heck of a mess due to the one sided brand of politics of the past. I feel there is no better representative than Tom Campbell to fight the good fight and help to straighten the state house. As a fellow veteran, I am very proud to be a member on the Tom Campbell team. - Chuck Craig, Coast Guard Veteran, Independent Conservative, Graham

"I support Tom Campbell because he's an independent thinker and because he has done superb work protecting the health of our families, communities, and environment from toxics. As chairman of the House Environmental Health Committee, Tom was instrumental in banning toys that contain harmful lead and cadmium, and in prohibiting sale of baby bottles made with the toxin bisphenol-A. We can count on Tom to keep our environment safe and healthy for future generations." - Jim DiPeso, Republican, Shoreline

"Representative Campbell is one of the most approachable legislator's I have had the pleasure of dealing with. He listens and fights for the people in the 2nd district. Thank you Rep. Campbell!!!!" - Rebecca McCabe, Republican, Graham

"I know this man got us our by-pass road, finally, when the Gov. said there wasn't the funding. He does wonders for the people of Yelm and Roy." - Christine Stearns, Independent, McKenna

Aerospace Machinists Industrial District Lodge 751
Amalgamated Transit Union Legislative Council of Washington State
American Federation of Teachers, Washington
Apriss Company
Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA)
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad
Certified Public Accountants CPA-PAC
Children's Campaign Fund
Common Ground for Children and Families
Delta Denta
Gun Owners Action League of Washington, (GOAL)
Human Life PAC
International Association of Fire Fighters Local 2175
IBEW Local #76
IBEW Local #483
International Longshoreman’s and Warehouseman’s Union Local #23.
International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 17
International Union of Operating Engineers Local #302
International Union of Operating Engineers Local #612
Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28
MacDonald’s MACPAC
Manufactured Housing Communities of Washington
Mental Health Counselors Association
National Rifle Association
Office & Professional Employees International Union Local 8
Pacific Marine Shipping Association
Pacific NW Iron Workers
People for Safe and Healthy Communities
Pierce County Central Labor Council
Pierce County Building & Construction Trades Council
Pierce County Deputy Sheriffs Guild
Pierce County Sportsman Council
Public School Employees of Washington
Physicians EYEPAC
Physicians Insurance
Pierce County Sportsman Council
Puget Sound Pilot
Retired Public Employees Council of Washington
Russell Investments
SEIU Local 925
Sheet Metal Workers Local #66
Sierra Club
United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Locals 26 & 32
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21
United Staff Nurses Local 141
Washington Apartment Association
Washington Arms Collectors
Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Washington Association of Realtors
Washington Association of Vehicle Subagents
Washington Bankers Association
Washington Beverage Association
Washington Collection Association
Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS)
Washington Credit Union League
Washington Education Association PAC
Washington Federation of State Employees
Washington Occupational Therapy Association
Washington Optometric PAC
Washington Public Employees Association UFCW Local 365
Washington State Association of United Association of Plumbing & Pipefitting
Washington Restaurant Association
Washington State Auto Dealers
Washington State Building Trades Council
Washington State Chiropractic Association
Washington State Dental Hygienists
Washington State Hospital Association PAC
Washington State Labor Council
Washington State Medical Association PAC
Washington State Nurses Association PAC
Washington State Patrol Troopers Association
Washington State Podiatric Medicine Association
Washington State Veterinary Medical Association PAC
Washington Trucking Association
Waste Management

   Tom Campbell "Listens, Cares, Helps!"


Listens,  Cares,  Helps.