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Vote Campbell and McCune back to House
The Olympian, 2006

Voters in the 2nd Legislative District should return Rep. Tom Campbell, R-Roy, for another two-year term in the state House of Representatives.

The 51-year-old chiropractor has spent 12 years in the state Legislature, first as a Democrat and now as an independent-thinking Republican.

He has a refreshing attitude about partisan politics, pointing out that he's seen the best and worst of both parties, and refuses to vote the party line with his GOP seatmates.

His allegiances lie with the residents of the 2nd District, which, geographically speaking, is the third-largest district in the state, covering the Yelm-Rainier area and eastern Pierce County.

His top priorities remain health care, transportation, public health and job creation, all critically important in the rapidly growing district. As someone who works in the health care field, he brings a level of expertise to health care issues confronting the Legislature that few of his colleagues can claim.

He was instrumental in securing $33.5 million in state funding for the Yelm Bypass project, which will go a long way toward relieving traffic congestion in the city. He vows to work on shrinking the timetable for the project, not slated for construction until 2012, and finding a link between the bypass and Interstate 5.

Campbell's Democratic challenger is Jeff Stephan, a union carpenter who ran unsuccessfully for Eatonville Town Council last year and decided to run for the Legislature after a back injury derailed his carpentry career.

Stephan, 41, said his focus as a legislator would be on education, the environment, employment and energy, insisting the state is well poised to become more energy independent, a position in keeping with his support of Initiative 937, the renewable energy measure.

Stephan talks the talk of a liberal Democrat, calling for a progressive state income tax, charging that the health care industry is held hostage by drug companies and supporting state funding for mass transit, bus service and other ways to get people out of their single-occupancy vehicles.

But he talks in generalities, which won't lead to legislative remedies of the problems he outlines. Stephan is not ready for the responsibility that comes with being a state legislator.


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