Meet Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell is a sixteen-year Washington State Representative who has worked with both parties to achieve a remarkable, positive legislative record for his East Pierce and N. Thurston County legislative district.

As Chair of the House Environmental Health Committee, Tom is one of only two or three minority party Standing Committee Chairs in the last fifty years in both House and Senate and he has used his chairmanship to pass important legislation supported by significant majorities in both parties.  His current project is a comprehensive MRSA prevention package that should significantly help to alleviate the scourge that is the MRSA infection complex.

Tom is a Chiropractor with an active practice for 25 years on Pacific Avenue in Spanaway.  He lives nearby in Roy, close by three major military installations that he supports strongly in the community and in the State Capitol.  Tom has been married for 25 years to his wife Lynn, an artist with extensive painting, printmaking, and sculptural talent.

Tom served in the U.S. Army Special Forces, graduating from Seattle University ROTC and honorably discharged at the rank of Captain.

Tom's undergraduate degree, in police science, is from Seattle University and his Doctor of Chiropractic is from Life University in Atlanta.  Tom became involved in politics as a young Chiropractor convinced that the outdated law governing Chiropractic needed to be updated to reflect fifty years of scientific and educational progress for his profession.  He organized the first profession-wide political action committee for Chiropractors and successfully united three competing statewide legislative efforts into one effective legislative advocacy organization.

Tom first won election to the State House of Representatives in 1992, as a Democrat.  Stifled by the rigorous party discipline enforced by his own majority, Tom soon began to work with legislators of both parties to push health care and criminal law reforms through the Legislature.  He became a Republican in 1995 but continued to work independently with both parties.  In 2006, the House Democratic majority named Tom Chair of the Select Committee on Environmental Health, and in 2008, his Select Committee was named a full Standing Committee of the House.

Tom also works hard for Pierce County and the surrounding areas as a member of the Transportation Committee.  During the 2009 Session, working with both Democrats and Republicans, Tom has achieved excellent results bringing federal and state money to Pierce County for major transportation projects.

  2nd Legislative District Endorsements

What People are Saying about Tom Campbell

2008 Endorsements

Representative Tom Campbell has been a leader and friend to Veterans for fourteen years in Olympia. He cares and fights for us. He is one of us, and he is a man you can count on to stand with you. -Daniel J. Gogerty, USMC Retired, 'The Chosin Few'

As a Republican representing the rural 2nd LD, Representative Campbell is breaking new ground in Olympia by demonstrating his strong commitment to environmental protection. He is positioned to have a big impact on environmental policy as Chair of the Select Committee on Environmental Health, and Campbell has consistently used that role in order to help eliminate toxics from our environment. -Washington Conservation Voters Endorsement

"In the 2nd District's two House positions, The News Tribune recommends keeping only one of the incumbents, Republican Rep. Tom Campbell. The Roy chiropractor has shown an ability to work with the majority Democratic Party to the point that it took the unusual move of giving him the chairmanship of the Select Committee on Environmental Health. His close working relationship with Democrats is a huge benefit for residents of his district. Campbell helped secure money for a youth drop-in shelter in Spanaway and passed legislation requiring documentation of hospital-acquired infections and adverse events. If re-elected, he wants to secure funding for the cross-base highway and Yelm loop bypass and work on a health care buyer's pool with California and Oregon to get more people insured." -Tacoma News Tribune, 2008

I've had great success bringing important issues to Representative Tom Campbell, an independent guy who knows how to effectively work across party lines. We worked together to push through the meth precursor bill that has cut meth labs to a fraction of what they were and he secured funding to build a badly needed youth center to keep kids off the streets in his district. When he says he's going to do something, he gets it done.
-Helen Myrick, Community Leader and former President of the Youth Resources Board

"Representative Campbell, a Republican incumbent for many years in the 2nd Legislative District, has become a leader in promoting good environment and human health bills. He has the unique position, serving as a Minority Party member, as Chair of the Select Committee of Environmental Health in the Democrat-Majority House. This exemplifies the respect he has from the Majority Party and his bipartisan work to get good environmental legislation passed. He is also on the Transportation Committee working to solve a number of challenging transportation issues. Over the last four years he has voted for bills for green buildings, septic systems clean-up, public transit, transportation, bio-fuels, and e-waste recycling. In the 2007 2008 Session he was instrumental helping pass legislation on banning PBDEs and toxic toys. He supported numerous other environmental legislative priorities including global warming mitigation, support of local agriculture, and climate action/green jobs."
- Sierra Club, Cascade Chapter, June 29, 2008

"Campbell, 53, a chiropractor from Spanaway, is a Republican in name only who will not hesitate to cross party lines, if it is in the interest of the people he serves. First elected to the Legislature as a Democrat in 1992, Campbell switched parties after two terms and has served in the House since 1998, but hasn't been part of the Republican caucus for three years. He believes good public policy always trumps party loyalty. His forceful personality has propelled him forward. In the House where Democrats have a strong majority, Campbell, a Republican, is chairman of the House Select Committee on Environmental Health. He's been an effective lawmaker whose realistic, bipartisan maneuverings have enabled the passage of significant legislation that changes the way health care professionals are disciplined. He pushed a bill into law that requires hospitals to report their infectious disease rates and another bill requiring hospitals and ambulatory and birthing centers to report medical mistakes. In the next session, Campbell wants to ban bisphenol-A, a carcinogenic, commonly found in hard plastics and will press for harsher sentences for persons convicted of flavoring and coloring methamphetamine in an attempt to attract young users. Campbell is a strong advocate for his district and should be returned to the Legislature to complete his work."
-The Olympian, September 21, 2008

Voters in the 2nd Legislative District should return Rep. Tom Campbell, R-Roy, for another two-year term in the state House of Representatives. The 51-year-old chiropractor has spent 12 years in the state Legislature, first as a Democrat and now as an independent-thinking Republican. He has a refreshing attitude about partisan politics, pointing out that he's seen the best and worst of both parties, and refuses to vote the party line with his GOP seatmates. His allegiances lie with the residents of the 2nd District, which, geographically speaking, is the third-largest district in the state, covering the Yelm-Rainier area and eastern Pierce County. -The Olympian Endorsement, 2006

In House Position 2, chiropractor Tom Campbell is seeking his eighth term. Campbell is more than willing to work with Democrats he used to be one, after all if it will help the 2nd. He's willing to buck his party, voting for the gas tax package, for instance. His level of bipartisanship is welcome, and voters should reward it by returning him to Olympia for another two years.
-Tacoma News Tribune Endorsement, 2006

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